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Fly Fishing Film Tour - New England

New England is home to a variety fisheries from native Brook trout in mountain streams to large Striped Bass feeding up and down the coast. Due to this diverse fishing scene, it makes sense that New England has a very diverse fishing community that its continuously growing. The Fly Fishing Film Tour is coming to NE with six showings hosted at various venues. The Fly Fishing Film Tour is the original fly fishing fest out there and one that is loved by many. Featuring brand new and never-seen films, F3T sorts through film submissions and selects the top films with the best stories, cinematography, and of course displays of epic fishing. The tour makes it’s way around the country as winter is coming to an end and spring is kicking into gear. This makes it a great event to get off your vice and interact with your local community while also getting inspired for the upcoming season. Show listings throughout New England can be found below.

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