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Watch the IF4 in Maryland

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival, the leading fly fishing film festival in the world, is showing at locations in Maryland! The IF4 combines all the greatest and most impactful fly fishing films of the year; our lineup includes exciting fishing adventures like tussling with golden dorado in the jungles of the Amazon and sight-casting for cruising Jacks on salt flats alongside meaningful stories of family connection and friendship through the lens of fly fishing. This sport has a powerful ability to connect people all across the globe and bring anglers closer to the stunning environments they are lucky to be able to throw their flies in. The IF4 selects films that highlight the beautiful duality of fly fishing, and we think that your connection to the sport will be bolstered by these wonderful works of art. So, look for a Maryland screening near you and experience the stoke of fishing for some of the most powerful fish in the world in some of the most beautiful ecosystems on a fly rod, all without flying thousands of miles from home. We can’t wait to share some of the most exhilarating and meaningful fly fishing films of the year with you. Tight lines!

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