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Fly Fishing Film Tour - Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has an abundance of trout streams and creeks loaded with trout as well as many warmwater fishing options throughout the state. With this large amount of fly fishing options within the state, it is no surprise that Pennsylvania has a strong fly fishing community. This is apparent based on the number of Fly Fishing Film Tour showings being hosted all around the state. There are currently six shows scheduled with potential for many more. Considered the original fly fishing fest, F3T is an amazing opportunity for fellow fly fishing enthusiasts to come together and view the top fly fishing films out there. F3T sorts through never-seen film submissions and selects the films that sport the best stories, cinematography, and displays of fishing. There is no better way to kick off the start of a new season and to get motivated to hit the water this spring. Kick back and watch amazing feats in fly fishing from around the world with your local community at a showing near you. Show locations and dates can be found below.

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