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The IF4 is BACK in Colorado

If you want to watch the most exhilarating and meaningful fly fishing films from around the globe, from an atoll in Mexico to the jungles of the Amazon, then the International Fly Fishing Film Festival is for you! Featuring films that capture both the excitement of fly fishing globally and the human stories that are woven by our great sport, the IF4 is a must-see event for anyone who loves fly fishing. The International Fly Fishing Film Festival is the world’s foremost fly fishing film showcase, and features professionally-filmed and produced stories about the far reaching and cultural impacts of the sport that we love. As Colorado anglers, we love fishing for trout in streams and lakes carved beneath towering mountain peaks. While the IF4 features films from similar majestic mountain locations, it also highlights the wide reach of our sport, showcasing fishing stories from saltwater locations as well as many other biomes! With locations all over the great state of Colorado, there is a good chance the premier global fly fishing films are coming to a town near you. To see the show and get in on the stoke of fly fishing around the world, check the Colorado locations listed on this page. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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