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The Best Fly Fishing Films are Coming to Florida

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival, the leading fly fishing film festival in the world that combines the most exciting and meaningful fishing films of the year, is coming to Florida! The films we feature are all professionally made, and include thrilling scenes of action like fishing for golden dorado in the jungles of the Amazon and throwing flies to Jacks on salt flats. Additionally, these films delve deep into the meaningful aspects of fly fishing, exploring how our beloved sport connects anglers from around the globe both to each other and to the wonderful places they throw their flies in. The IF4 gives you an inside look into how fly fishing and fly fishing culture differ around the world; one thing remains the same, though: all angler’s love for the sport. The IF4 will allow you deep insight into the fun and beauty of fly fishing around the world, all without leaving the world-class angling waters of Florida! Check for a screening near you to get in on the stoke and excitement that is the International Fly Fishing Film Festival. We can’t wait to show you the amazing work of the best fishing film makers in the world!

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