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Check Out the IF4 in NC!

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival, the leading fly fishing film festival in the world, is coming to a location near you in North Carolina! The IF4 combines the very best in fly fishing films each year into one show; from golden dorado fishing in the Amazon jungle to chasing Jacks on salt flats, the fishing action in this year’s show is not to be missed. Beyond that, though, the films that make up the IF4 highlight the unique way that fly fishing is able to connect people from all corners of the globe with each other and with the special places that fishing takes them. When you watch our films, the professional cinematography and storytelling will instantly transport you to some of the most exotic and exciting fishing locations in the world and will give you valuable insight into how fly fishing is woven into the cultures of these countries and communities. The IF4 allows you to experience the pure stoke that is watching a voracious fish explode out of the water after a hookset, all while staying close to the beautiful and pristine trout waters or the salty coastal waters of the Tar Heel state. We can’t wait to show you all the wonder stories that are included in our lineup this year!