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The IF4 is showing in Washington!

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival, a compilation of the most exhilarating and meaningful international fly fishing films of the year, is coming to Washington. The IF4 is the leading fly fishing film festival in the world, and will bring the heart-pounding action of chasing a goliath golden dorado in the jungle forests of the Amazon and the thrill of casting to Jacks on saltwater flats to your backyard! Each film is professionally filmed and produced, and gives deep insight into both the excitement of fishing around the world and the deep interpersonal connections that the sport we love offers to people on all corners of our beautiful planet. Fly fishing is special because it gives us the opportunity to become closer to both nature and to the people we go fishing with; this is just the kind of heartwarming sentiment that the films featured in the IF4 professionally showcase between exciting scenes of explosive fights with some of the strongest fish in the world. Check out a Washington screening location near you to experience the beauty, wonder and thrill that are all packed into the International Fly Fishing Film Festival! We can’t wait to share our love of fishing and film with you.

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