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The Fly Fishing Film Tour: Coming to a Location Near You

No matter where you live or what kind of fly fishing you’re into, you can be sure that there’s something for you, at a convenient location, with the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Come experience the most exhilarating and powerful fly fishing films of the year with us.

About The Tour

The Fly Fishing Film Tour, or F3T, is an annual traveling film tour that showcases the best fly fishing films of the year from all around the world. The tour features films on fly fishing spanning all methods and locations, from anglers bow-and-arrow casting 3-weights to hungry native brook trout in tiny mountain streams to fishermen throwing long, looping casts at torpedo-tarpon in turquoise salt flats. Not only that, but with each fish landed comes a story; the festival works hard each year to showcase the most inspiring and important stories that filmmakers have to share. The 2022 F3T Festival featured such stories as a group of anglers dropped in one of the deepest true-wilderness locations left on the globe, the Swedish Laplands, to explore and fish the north country, to an exploration of the secrets of Casa Mar through tarpon fishing. Also included was the feel-good tale of a man named Dan, who is not very good at catching fish, journeying to the jungles of Columbia in search of finally getting a take on his flies, alongside a longtime Vail, CO, fishing guide’s journey to share the love of fly fishing and nature with her daughter. Fly fishing is so much more than just fishing: it is a metaphor for life. Each film that is selected for the F3T explores the art of fly fishing through not just a literal camera lens, but a human one too, all in search of understanding and portraying the connection with each other and the connections with nature that fishing offers each one of us. There is variety, action, beauty and, of course, fishing in each lineup of the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Secure your 2024 tickets to make sure that you catch this year’s action!


In 2022, the Fly Fishing Film Tour traveled to almost every state in America, including a showing in Anchorage, AK. No matter where you are in the United States, there is an opportunity for you to catch fish on a fly rod. That’s why the F3T showcases films from all over the country and the world, and brings them to your city. From Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, there’s a good chance that the festival will come to a location near you in 2024. And if not, digital tickets will also be available for purchase so you can watch from anywhere your adventures take you. Join us on our journey to showcase the very best in fly fishing films during the 2024 season; check back soon for this coming year’s lineup and locations. We can’t wait to share our stories with you!

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