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The IF4 Is Showing in NY!

While New York is home to amazing fly fishing opportunities, and anglers in the state are likely accustomed to brook, brown and rainbow trout, and perhaps even larger species like salmon or striped bass, we doubt a golden dorado has been landed in the Empire State. Not to worry, though! The International Fly Fishing Film Festival will give you an up-close look into what fishing for this amazing species in the jungles of the Amazon is like. The International Fly Fishing Film Festival, or the IF4, is the world’s leading fly fishing film festival, and showcases the very best in fly fishing films from all around the globe. This year’s films include fishing stories from diverse locations like the atolls of Mexico, and portray both the excitement and the fulfillment from fly fishing all around the world. We love fly fishing because it allows us to become closer to both nature and to other anglers near and far. Each story in our lineup features a wonderful mix of exciting angling and meaningful connections, and brings you right into many incredible landscapes across the globe. There are showings all across the state of New York, so there’s a good chance that you can see the festival near you. Check out the locations listed on this page, and we can’t wait to share our amazing lineup of films with you!

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