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Watch the IF4 in Wyoming!

The very best in fly fishing films from all around the globe are coming to the great state of Wyoming! The International Fly Fishing Film Festival is the leading fly fishing film festival in the world and features works from professional filmmakers across many different countries and continents. As fly fishing gains more global popularity and becomes a sport practiced on all types of water, the culture of fly fishing is connecting people from all corners of the world. The International Fly Fishing Film Festival highlights these stories and the unique ability of fly fishing to create meaningful moments, both between people and between those people and nature. To witness the vast diversity of fly fishing locations and techniques around the globe and get in on the stoke that is fishing for dorado in the Amazon rainforest or for Jacks on saltwater flats, check for a Wyoming location near you! We can’t wait to bring the International Fly Fishing Film Festival to the wonderful and fishy state of Wyoming and to show you the very best and most exhilarating films on fly fishing around the globe, and we know that you will find them as meaningful and heartwarming as they are exciting. See you soon!

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