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The IF4 is Showing in Mass!

The best in the fly fishing film industry is coming to Massachusetts! The International Fly Fishing Film Festival, the leading fly fishing film festival in the world, features thrilling fishing films like those about fighting golden dorado in the jungles of the Amazon and casting flies as Jacks on saltwater flats. The IF4 aims to explore the deep connections that fly fishing facilitates both between anglers and between anglers and the beautiful environments they fish in; we think that you’ll find the professionally-crafted films we selected to be a refreshing mix of exciting and meaningful. They will give you powerful and intriguing insight into how the wonderful sport of fly fishing is practiced across the globe and how it is connecting people on every corner of our beautiful planet. When you sit down to watch the IF4 with us, we think that you’ll find the perfect mix of unbridled stoke and deep and meaningful insight into why the sport of fly fishing is able to be so exciting and so impactful at the same time. We can’t wait to show you our expertly-crafted lineup! Look on this page for a Massachusetts screening location near you, and we are excited to see you soon!

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